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How to Extend Battery Life with Desulfator by Canadus

July 22, 2015 – Fairfax, VA –

What is a Canadus HD-1224 Desulfator?   To improve a battery’s performance and extend its life significantly, sulfation must be eliminated.

Canadus Power Systems is the world’s leading supplier of the most effective desulfation technology.

Watch the process on video

Its patented Canadus battery desulfators revitalize and extend the useful life of lead-acid batteries by preventing and even reversing the sulfation process.

Exclusively for Trailways Stockholders – Receive a 10% discount on your purchase of the Canadus HD-1224 Desulfators.  Offer valid through 2015.

Canadus battery desulfators connect to a battery or charging system and emit a high frequency electrical pulse that reverses the lead sulfate crystallization process.

Pinpoint Marketing Team Pinpoint Marketing Team is the exclusive distributor of the Canadus HD-1224 Desuflator in the United States.

Call today to learn more about how to save thousands of dollars on maintenance costs, extend the life of your fleets batteries, alternators, starters, belts and electrical systems. Exclusively for Trailways Stockholders – Receive a 10% discount on your purchase of the Canadus HD-1224 Desulfators.

Call for more information – 1-866-786-8631.

1130 University Blvd., Suite B9, PMB 644, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401




Trailways Welcomes Branson’s Six Show as Affiliated Partner

Fairfax, VA – July 22, 2015 – Trailways is pleased to welcome new Affiliated Partner, the Branson-based Six Show.  The vocal harmony group composed of the six Knudsen brothers has an amazing onstage repertoire performed entirely A Capella.

Branson tour groups enjoy Six’s award-winning musical artistry and variety presented by the six Knudsen brothers in musical journeys through the decades and beyond. From Broadway to Rock & Roll, gospel to patriotic, with maybe a side of brotherly banter, audiences leave with an amazing SIXperience.

The Six have shared stages with performing luminaries including Trisha Yearwood, Diana Ross, The Beach Boys, Olivia Newton John, Rod Stewart and many others. They’ve been featured on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for nearly 20 years with outstanding reviews.

Contact: Tish Knudsen, group sales manager

Phone: 417.559.9722

Email: tish@thesixshow.com

Website: www.thesixshow.com




Trailways Welcomes Single Point Communication as New Affiliated Partner

Fairfax, VA – July 22, 2015 – Trailways is pleased to welcome new Affiliated Partner Single Point Communication.

Single Point’s award-wining WIFI in Motion products convert motorcoaches into traveling hotspots, giving customers reliable worldwide connectivity.

Single Point products facilitate a bridge between vehicles and high-speed cellular data networks, Wi-Fi delivery, and Ethernet-based local area network (LAN) for on-board bus systems.

The company is North America’s leading distributor of products that equip vehicles for today’s connectivity.

The company’s product array includes wireless antennas, amplifiers, wireless data services and a suite of exclusive software solutions.

Contact Rob Taylo, CEO

Phone: 971.888.4211

Email: jj@your1point.com

Website: www.your1point.com



Trailways Welcomes New Preferred Partner Great Day! Tours

Fairfax, VA – July 14, 2015 – Trailways is pleased to announce Great Day! Tours as Trailways’ newest Preferred Partner.

The company brings to the partnership over five decades of U.S. and Canadian tour operations experience for North American clients.

Team Trailways members will partner with Great Day! for both motorcoach charters and for discounted tour operations services across the continent.

Within Great Day! Tours’ service repertoire are complete group tour planning services including tour design, logistics, and supplier payments. Cruise & Fly packages are on the company’s tour menu, as well as group land tours.

School group tours have been a specialty since the company’s  beginnings, and the staff are experts at putting together charters for band trips, sports teams and other school groups. Behind the expertise are staff members who are former teachers and school administrators.

Great Day! Tours does not own its own motorcoaches; it is a member of Trailways and uses Trailways Companies for nearly all its Motorcoach charters, when possible.  It is also a member of the American Bus Association and the National Tour Association.

Contact: Allen Kinney, President & CEO

Phone:  440.526.5350

Fax:       440.526.1726

Email:   ark@greatdaytours.com

Website:  www.greatdaytours.com



Trailways Announces CAT Eyes as New Affiliate Partner

Fairfax, VA – July 14, 2015 – Trailways is pleased to announced Community Anti-terrorism Training Institute (CAT Eyes) as a new Affiliated Partner.

Motorcoach security is top of mind for the Community Anti-terrorism Training Institute, doing business as CAT Eyes.

As a new Trailways Affiliated Partner, CAT Eyes offers members expertise in an array of security services through its nationwide program designed to educate and empower American citizens to combat terrorism.

Included in CAT Eyes’ motorcoach security consulting services are federal grant writing; company security assessments; company security planning; terrorism awareness training; security committee training; national incident management system (NIMS) training; and training exercise development.

CAT Eyes services to motorcoach companies – including school bus companies – are delivered to clients by retired military and law enforcement professionals who work with motorcoach industry associations as well as individual companies and the Department of Homeland Security.


Contact Michael J. Licata, president

Phone: 609.448.9655

Fax: 609.448.9656

Email: info@cateyes.us

Website: www.cateyes.us




BB&T Insurance Services is Trailways Newest Preferred Partner

Fairfax, VA – July 14, 2015 – Trailways is pleased to announce its newest preferred partner, BB&T Insurance Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of BB&T Insurance Holdings, Inc.

The company offers Team Trailways an array of insurance products and services that offer risk management and protection to people and equipment.

Policies include life, property, vehicle, health and accident coverages.

Call for a no-obligation quote to put your mind and business at ease.

Contact: Jonathan Duncan, vice president

Phone: 919.281.1314

Fax: 888.746.8761

Email: jonathan.duncan@bbandt.com

Website: www.bbt.com



Trailways Announces De Leo Transportation Fabrics as New Affiliated Partner

Fairfax, VA – July 14, 2015 – Trailways is pleased to announce a new affiliate Partner De Leo Transportation Fabrics.

Motorcoach and light rail operators the world over depend on De Leo Transportation Fabrics for the best products available in polyester, acrylic and wool blends. Products – including high quality velvets – offer excellence appearance and durability.

For more than 50 years, De Leo has supplied customers with not only reliable products but also dependable service.  De Leo partners with Epengle, Europe’s leading transportation fabric manufacturer, and the two companies have more than 100 years of combined industry experience.

De Leo Transportation Fabrics offers high quality velvets for bus, motor coach and light rail fabrics to public and private transportation industries for both OEM and aftermarket business. De Leo fabrics are constructed on 100% polyester, 100% Acrylic, 85/15 Wool/Nylon and 30/70 Wool Polyester construction and all fabrics pass MVSS-302. Antibacterial finish may be applied upon request.

Contact  Ismail Arslan, VP business development

Phone: 973. 439.6801 C 336.324.7083

SKYPE: ismailarslannc

Fax: 973.439.6815

Email: iarslan@deleoco.com

Website: www.deleoco.com




Trailways Welcomes New Affiliate Partner CPACEX Corporation

Fairfax, VA – July 14, 2015 – Trailways is pleased to announce CPACEX has joined the organization’s Affiliated Partner program.

Sanitation control for motorcoach equipment and restrooms is a breeze with chemical and biodegradable cleaning products by CPACEX that include deodorizers, degreasers, masking sprays, hand sanitizers and more.

Trailways’ newest affiliate partner is known for product reliability and excellent service.  Portion control is available with several packet sizes in both concentrate and ready to use CPACEX choices. Products are designed for ease in cleaning and odor control on all portable and fixed equipment.

CPACEX Solutions has a tradition of providing motorcoach operators with quality products, service and competitive pricing they appreciate.

Contact Cathy Crawford, division manager

Phone: 800.974.7383

Email: cac@cpacex.com

Website: www.cpacex.com




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