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Trailways Group Travel Directory Published (2015-2016)

September 28, 2015 – Fairfax, VA – The Trailways Transportation System announces the publication of its 2015-2016 Trailways Group Travel Directory.   It is designed to promote Trailways’ 70+ bus companies to group bus-trip planners and consumers.   It is a printed directory as well as a digital directory.

Click to read the announcement: http://www.naylornetwork.com/twy-nxt/nxt.asp?issueID=48296

To view and download this Digital version to your PC and to share the link with your staff and customers, click here: http://www.nxtbook.com/naylor/TWYR/TWYR0015/index.php


The printed publication and the digital version are used by Trailways’ sales & marketing team to promote all Trailways companies to group travel planners and consumers.  We send the digital link to our customer database to download.  It is an easy reference list of our network of transportation providers. 


Hard copies of the new directory are available by request as well and distributed throughout the year on an ongoing basis.   This is the second time the directory has been developed for Trailways by Naylor Publishing. 

For more information, please contact Tracey@trailways.com

 Trailways Administrative Offices

3554 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 202

Fairfax, VA 22030

703-691-3052 – Voice

703-691-9047 –  Fax

Free online directory to view/download:






Trailways 80th Anniversary Logo Contest

Trailways invites a few of our long-time partners to participate in a contest and help us develop (create artwork) for a Trailways 80th Anniversary Logo to be used from  November 2015 through 2016.

We’ve attached a few generic concepts we’ve seen from other entities who have also reached this historic milestone—they are simply ideas that might help you get your creative flair juices flowing!

80th Samples

Trailways.Affiliated Partner Logo Contest RSVP

Trailways was founded during the Art Deco period (1930s) and has successfully traveled throughout the 20th Century into the 21st Century; eighty years of continued service to the traveling public all while building, expanding and strengthening its strong, iconic brand!

If your company’s logo concept is selected, we will provide your company with a complimentary year’s affiliation with Trailways (affiliated partner membership) and a free ½ page Color Ad in the 2016 issue of Trailways Stockholder Times.


  • Trailways’ lettering (accepted colors) can be Red (PMS 032), Black, Gray (any percentage) and Reverse, which is actually White Lettering on any background color. It is not necessary to include the “Globe” icon to create a Trailways’ 80th Anniversary Logo.
  • The Logo can be created/submitted in black/white  or color; and you may use other colors such as silver, gold, etc., which are acceptable to compliment any portion of the logo concept, except the actual lettering  of the work “T R A I L W A Y S.”
  • The word/lettering of “Trailways” can be created in upper and lower case, all caps, italicized, etc.   The font used for Trailways’ actual lettering is called “Kabel” and can be used in Standard, Italics or Bold formats.”


Trailways’ 80th Anniversary Logo Contest submission deadline is October 31, 2015.  The winning entry will be used on letterhead, the website, sticker seals, promotions, publications, etc., and the winning company will be recognized throughout our 80th Anniversary.

RSVP: Please reply YES or NO by Oct. 12th. 

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact Gale Ellsworth at 703-691-3052/Trailways or by email (Galetrails@trailways.com).

Trailways 80th Anniversary 1936 – 2016

Logo Contest Submission Deadline: October 31, 2015

Trailways Affiliated Partner: __________________________

Contact Name: ________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________

Gale C. Ellsworth – Interim President

Trailways Fairfax, VA 703-691-3052 – Voice/ 703-691-9047 – Fax




Trailways welcomes Affiliated Partner Circle Wisconsin


Fairfax, VA – September 11, 2015 – Circle Wisconsin, a membership organization promoting group tourism in the Badger State, has joined the Affiliated Partners Program of Trailways Transportation System, Inc.

“Because so many group tours throughout Wisconsin’s five great, scenic regions travel by motorcoach, this is a win-win relationship for Circle Wisconsin and for Trailways,” says Diane Walden, Trailways’ Vice President – Sales. Founded in 1936 as an organization of independent motorcoach owners/operators, Trailways today encompasses multimodal transportation and travel services providers and suppliers as it approaches its 80th anniversary in February 2016.

Circle Wisconsin is celebrating its 30th year representing group-friendly destinations, attractions, restaurants, theaters, casinos, museums and lodging facilities in the state, along with convention and visitors’ bureaus, Chambers of Commerce and receptive tour services. “We aim to increase motorcoach group-related visits and spending for our members by providing them with tools to market themselves to tour operators and group leaders in niche markets such as seniors, religious groups, students, banks, family reunions and more,” says Executive Director Wendy Dobrzynski.

Each year, the organization hosts the Circle Wisconsin Midwest Marketplace featuring more than 70 group-friendly suppliers from Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, North and South Dakota. The 2016 event will be April 17-19 at Lake Lawn Resort in Delevan, Wisconsin.

Via its Website at www.circlewisconsin.com, Circle Wisconsin provides tour group leaders with planning tools, including a downloadable image gallery of nearly 200 photos suitable for promoting group excursions.

“Circle Wisconsin is your first resource for planning your tours to Wisconsin,” Ms. Dobrzynski says. “Our staff can help you make your visit to Wisconsin filled with fun and memories.”

Trailways Transportation System, Inc., consists of approximately 70 independently owned and operated motorcoach companies in North America and Europe. Each company adheres to the highest safety standards required by the U.S. Department of Defense or its country’s equivalent.

Through its Affiliated Partners Program, Trailways maintains a close working relationship with industry-related supplier and vendor companies, as well as other tour and travel service entities, to ensure that its group of motorcoach companies receives the latest and most effective technology, information, services and products needed to maintain superior delivery of safe, comfortable, reliable passenger service. Affiliated Partners are listed on the Trailways portal www.teamtrailways.com.

Contact: Wendy Dobrzynski, Executive Director, Circle Wisconsin

Address: P. O. Box 20750, Milwaukee, WI 53220

Telephone: 414-545-1100 / Fax: 414-545-1102

E-mail: wendy@circlewisconsin.com

Website: www.circlewisconsin.com



Turtle Top is a new Trailways Affiliated Partner

Fairfax, VA – Sept. 4, 2015 – Trailways is pleased to announce Turtle Top as a new Affiliated Partner.

Turtle Top, a manufacturer of buses and specialty automotive products, was founded in 1962.

Sophisticated styling and custom, luxury travel amenities for the mid-sized motorcoach market is a Turtle Top specialty.

Turtle Top specializes in manufacturing small to mid-size shuttle buses, transit, and charter buses as well as passenger vans, tour and limousine buses that are customized to the requirements of client individuals and organizations, including government entities.

Many products are built on Chevrolet, Ford, Freightliner, and International chassis.

The company is also out in front with green initiatives, including research of alternative power and fuel sources because of management’s concern about environmental deterioration caused by use of fossil fuels.  Turtle Top strives to exceed state and federal mandates for water, energy, and soil conservation.

Turtle Top’s Cripe Family managers have their corporate roots in a company that was founded in the 1920s. Today’s fourth and fifth generation family managers use the same innovation and commitment to service and quality that has carried the company into the 21st century success.

Contact: Timm Bledsoe, director of sales & marketing

Phone: 574.831.4340

Fax: 574.831.4349

Email: timmb@turtletop.com

Website: www.turtletop.com



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