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2 Coaches for Sale by Great Canadian Trailways

Great Canadian Trailways (Larry Hundt) is selling two coaches:

CoachForSale#1874_Aug15 (Prevost)

CoachForSale#4550 (Setra)

The company will sell the Setra coach with a $25,000 parts inventory.

These units have been well maintained, used on charter/tour work and are in most cases low mileage without any corrosion issues.


Please contact coach operations manager Jim Pattison at 1 800 461 8687 x 235 or by email at


Great Canadian Coaches Inc.

353 Manitou Drive, Kitchener, ON N2C 1L5

519 896 8687



National Publication LIMOSandBUSES4sale is New Trailways Affiliated Partner

April 30, 2015 –Fairfax, Va. – Trailways is pleased to announce a new Affiliated Partner:  LIMOSandBUSES4sale.  It is a national bi-monthly print and online publication for luxury ground transportation vehicle-traders.

LIMOSandBUSES4sale distributes more than 12,000+ copies of LIMOSandBUSES4sale to all the primary categories, large and small, in all segments of the industry, such as:

    • Limousine Services
    • Executive Car Services
    • Casino Transportation
    • Bus Lines
    • Bus Charter & Rental businesses

The company can assist in creating advertising for clients and general marketing support as a partner to help companies succeed.

Contact:          Robin Wells, President – 305-469-7822

Scotty Scott, Director Sales & Marketing – 205-292-0985

Address:          1130 University Blvd., Suite B9, PMB644, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Phone:              1 (866) 786-8631

Email:      /

Website:         (URL hyperlink is problematic/please go to directly.  We apologize for the inconvenience)

Limos and Buses For Sale




Grech Motors Adds 45-Foot Freightliner Luxury Shuttle Bus to Lineup

For Immediate Release

April 30, 2015

Riverside, Calif. — Grech Motors, the leader in high-quality luxury minibuses,

has added a 45-foot Freightliner luxury shuttle bus to its lineup. This adds to the

range of buses built on the Freightliner chassis, which previously included a 36-

and 40-foot version. The new GM45 seats 48 people with rear luggage, and can

seat up to 52 without. Unparalleled quality, craftsmanship and attention detail

have been the Grech Motors standard from day one. Paired with the industry’s

best warranty and after-sale support, Grech Motors provides operators with the

best value found in the cutaway bus market.

In addition to the Freightliner chassis, Grech Motors builds minibuses on the

Ford F-550 and F-450 chassis for smaller capacities and upfits Mercedes-Benz

Sprinters on the 3500 chassis. With more than 30 years of experience in highend

bus and coach manufacturing Grech Motors strives to deliver the most

innovative, durable, and best-looking cutaway buses to the ground

transportation industry. Grech Motors is proud of its production quality and

invites any transportation operator to visit the plant to see its first class process

in person.

For more information, please visit or contact VP of Sales

& Marketing AJ Thurber at (951) 688-8347 ext. 319 or





Buying, Selling or Trading your Equipment?

469093_543865059007967_1635901948_oIf you wish to buy, sell or trade your buses or other equipment, REPLY here with your contact information.



Lock Media Buys Trailways Voyager GPS Tracking System

Improvements Slated

Manassas, VA (April 22, 2013) – Trailways’ Voyager GPS Tracking System has been acquired by its original software developer, Lock Media. The software specialist has become a motorcoach industry leader with its comprehensive Ticket Manager Pro 3.0 suite of tools that allows companies to manage all aspects of their operations. Lock Media has big plans to take Voyager to the next level. Until earlier this month, when it was sold outright to Lock Media, the Voyager GPS Tacking System was proprietary to Trailways and used only on it network of buses. The software was managed and hosted by Lock Media since its inception in 2004. This acquisition means that for the first time since 2004, this product will be available commercially. “We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Trailways. The investments and improvements we plan to make to Voyager will not only benefit Trailways stockholders, but now, other bus companies – including the small independent ones – will be able to profit as well,” Lock said.

Read more

Trailways Voyager GPS Users- All Trailways Stockholders are still required to complete the GPS System Update form requests (GPS Mandates) annually by May 1. 

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Certification for Sustainable Transportation Program Launches; Origins at Univ. of Vermont

Certification for Sustainable Transportation's (CST) has launched its online program.  It is designed to help improve economic, environmental, and energy efficiency within the passenger transportation sector.

The CST is a direct outgrowth of work that began at the University of Vermont (UVM) in 2005 and now houses the eRating certification, driver trainings, and an array of awareness and education programs.

Read more.

Buses: the greenest travel on earth

A pilot test with Trailways operators is in progress.  Meetings between Trailways and the CST have been positive. 



REI Introduces Mobile Video Surveillance Wireless Upgrades

(Omaha, NE, July 24, 2012) – Radio Engineering Industries, Inc. (REI) introduces two new wireless fleet software add-ons for REI’s mobile video surveillance system:  A.R.M.O.R-Auto Pilot and A.R.M.O.R.-Diagnostics.

The server based software components can be used independently or combined for a complete safety solution. A.R.M.O.R-Auto Pilot manages wireless downloading, reporting and automated notification of video events you define, as well as video download requests made while the vehicle is off or in the lot.

The software tool allows a user to determine which events are reported plus their urgency, while viewing the events in an easy-to-navigate environment.

Call REI for a demo. Specify REI today: 800.228.9275 | Contact Information: Radio Engineering Industries, Inc. Kathy Kirstine Vice President of Marketing 6534 L Street Omaha, NE 68117 402.339.2200, ext. 264 402.339.1704 fax



What’s the Best Mechanics-to-Vehicle Ratio?

Trailways Brand Survey (April 2012)

Below are the responses to the Trailways survey on the average ratio of full-time mechanics needed per bus/vehicle.  There are many varying opinions. However, based on overall numbers and comments provided, one full-time mechanic (highly trained/skilled) per 10 coaches/vehicles appears to be adequate.  Thanks to everyone who provided input! 


Detailed Comments:

"We own and operate 20 full-sized coaches and we have one factory-trained mechanic for our fleet of vanhools and our other two maintenance men have been trained at ABC’s Florida location, and the third is a helper to the other two. We believe in being pro-active…not reactive."
­Elaine Johnson, Cross Country Tours-Trailways
"We have 23 units and 1 great mechanic!"
Alyce Davidson, Thrasher Brothers Trailways 
"We tend to operate at a ratio of approximately one mechanic per 10 motorcoaches.  I suspect the ratio will vary depending upon age of fleet and use of outside sources for repairs."
Curtis Riggs, VIA Trailways
"We have 19 large motorcoaches, two mini-buses, three limousines, twenty school buses and three vans.  We employ three full-time mechanics and one part-time mechanic."
Julie at Huskey Trailways
"We have a diesel tech for every 17 buses and two assistant mechanics…  I have 14 2002 and 2004 V.H. C-2045s that my mechanics spend ninety-percent of their time on. Four mechanics to 25 coaches in all."
Dean Golden, West Valley Trailways
"We have two for a 21-bus fleet. One-per-ten buses would be a good fit."
Bill Gentry, Gentry Trailways
"I only own and operate 21 full-size motorcoaches and currently we employ three mechanics."
Jerry at Lone Star Trailways
"We have 56, full-size motorcoaches and employ seven mechanics, plus mechanics helpers, depending upon the skill level of the individual, probably, eight to 10."
Fullington Trailways 
"If you have one mechanic for 15 coaches, that should keep him busy and make his day pass quickly."
John McCommon, Little Rock/Memphis Trailways




New Online MCILearn program

The new online MCILearn program makes education fun with Internet-based sessions.  Maximize your business through scheduled maintenance, marketing, and other best practices.  June  webinars:

June 13 – Tag Axle Steering
June 27 – Rear Axle Steering

please click here and register via our new Citrix Webinar Tool



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