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Trailways Names Five Best Companies for “Fleet Service Safety”


Trailways Names Five Best Companies for “Fleet Service Safety”

The Trailways national bus system announced its top awards for bus fleet safety.  The event was sponsored by MCI and took place Feb. 23rd at the Trailways 80th Annual Stockholders Meeting & Conference in Ft. Myers, Fl.


  1. Trailways Fleet Safety Award in the category of Less Than Two Million Miles Traveled in the Charter & Tour Division:  Martz Trailways of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. It is a founding company of Trailways 80 years ago.

2. Trailways Fleet Safety Award in the category of More than Two Million Miles Traveled in the Scheduled Route Division: Burlington Trailways of West Burlington, Iowa.  It is also a founding company of Trailways 80 years ago.

 3. Trailways Fleet Safety Award in the category of Less Than Two Million Miles Traveled in the Scheduled Route Division: Pine Hill Trailways of Hurley, New York.

4. / 5. “Most Improved” Fleet Safety Award (2): Charter & Tour Division and Scheduled Route Division.   Arrow Trailways of Killen, Texas.

Trailways National Fleet Safety Press Release

Trailways Announces Fleet Safety Awards for 2015 Speech for portal



New Washington, D.C. Interactive Bus & Truck Map

Washington, D.C. Interactive Truck and Bus Map
The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced the launch of an interactive map Click Here This fully interactive map was created as a part of the District motorcoach program in order to ensure safe and efficient motorcoach operation to support current and future tourism and economic growth in the District. The map serves as a guide to understand which routes are suitable for bus travel and where buses can load and unload as well as park. It allows drivers to familiarize themselves with the District prior to their trip, to plan their route in advance of entering the District, to determine where they can pick-up or drop-off passengers, and where they can park



Dbase update: Safety Personnel

  • Dbase update: For the Safety Conference call (see above story) Trailways’ headquarters needs your help. We need to improve our dbase. We ask for the name and contact details for your Safety, Dispatch, Maintenance and/or HR directors. Please print & return this form: Safety.Dispatch.Maintenance.HR Form

Thank you!



Trailways’ Employment Background Check Program

Trailways Employment Background Check Program

Amerisearch logo

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines require motorcoach operators to perform background checks on drivers and potential drivers.

Amerisearch Background Alliance, a Trailways Affiliated & Preferred partner, is available to assist you with criminal records search as well as Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs).

Getting started with Amerisearch Background Alliance is easy. 

  1. Complete the client “Sign-Up” form, you will be sent your login information;
  2. Login and order products/reports;
  3. View reports.

Not a client yet?  Sign Up Here!

It really is that simple. Standard packages for Trailways Members:

Trailways Member Package Level 1:

Criminal background checks, including:

  1. Two National Criminal  Data bases searches
  2. Social security number address trace
  3. Unlimited Seven years County Criminal Research
  4. Global international Data Base Search
  5. Federal Search
  6. Terrorist watch list
  7. 50 state sex offender registry

Cost: $45.00, plus applicable out of pocket fees

Trailways Member Package Level 2:

National motor vehicle registration/driver’s license search

Cost: $7.00, plus applicable out of pocket fees

Trailways Member Combo Package:

Package Level 1 and 2

Cost: $50.00, plus applicable out of pocket fees

Trailways I-9 E-verifications Package

The Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9’s purpose is to comply with the 1986 Immigration and Reform Act (IRCA). Form I-9 document’s the legal work status of employees. American Background’s I-9 Solution:

  • Produces failsafe I-9s
  • Eliminates DOD compliance issues
  • Increases efficiency of I-9 processes
  • Centralized management of I-9 risks
  • Electronic Eligibility Verifications
  • Interfaces with E-verify system
  • Interfaces with OFAC (Terrorist) List
  • Provides SSNVS checking

Supports Electronic Signature

Cost: $6.00 per I-9 includes E-verify

Amerisearch Background Alliance provides the following products/reports:

Social Security Address Scan

National Criminal Scan

Statewide Criminal Scan

County Criminal Search

County Civil Search

Federal Criminal Records Search

Federal Civil Records Search

MVR Records

Workers Compensation Search

On line Application

Need More Information?

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Complete Client Sign-Up Form

Amerisearch Background Alliance provides the following products/reports:

I-9 Solution




US DOT Bus Inspections Program



Safety is always of the utmost importance to the Trailways network.

Operation Quick Strike:

The U.S. Department of Transportation conducts a Strike Force annually in June.  It is comprised of dozens of highly trained investigators to reduce the fatalities and property damage experienced by the Motor Coach industry.





Phil J. Hanley, Trailways Safety Compliance Director
703-941-9605 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 703-941-9605 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting mobile




May 21: All CMV Drivers Must Get Medical Certificates from a Certified Medical Examiner

The National Registry law goes into effect May 21, 2014. After that date, all interstate commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers must get their medical certificates from a certified medical examiner listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

Find a certified medical examiner in your area—or anywhere in the country—by following these three simple steps.

  1. Visit the National Registry Web site and search by Zip Code, State, or examiner name.
  2. Choose a certified medical examiner from the list and call to make an appointment.
  3. If your preferred health care professional isn’t on the list, simply refer him or her to the Certified Medical Examiners page to learn more about getting certified.

If you’ve already had an exam and have a current certificate that certificate will be valid until its regular expiration date.

Please spread the word and encourage your fellow CMV drivers to find a Certified Medical Examiner by May 21st. They can find more information in the Fact Sheet for Drivers or by going to the National Registry Web site.




A Professional Bus/Coach Driver…

Job Description:

A Trailways professional driver is responsible for the physical possession of controlling and safely navigating a for-hire motorcoach as assigned by a motorcoach company’s supervisor or dispatcher, as well as any and all other company for-hire vehicles as assigned; the care of travel passengers, including their safety, security, and assisting them on- and off- the motorcoach; all package express shipments transported aboard and located inside the coach’s luggage/storage bay areas; authorized passenger baggage placed aboard the motorcoach or vehicle and transported within a baggage compartments; all monies collected from fare-paying passengers; accounting for all passenger tickets and bus bills collected; the transport and discharging of all scheduled, chartered, tour, or sightseeing passengers; and, the transportation and delivery of inter-office and/or depot mail.  For driver jobs or other job openings please check with the Human Resources Office at the companies in your area on this list and please contact them directly or visit their job section online.  The Trailways corporate office does not hire drivers.  Thank you!



Driving Times – Driver Newsletter

Trailways: Driving Times – Driver Newsletter

2013 Newsletter

2012 Newsletter



Young Filmmaker set to take Trailways from NY to Nashville for Bus Convention

Fairfax, VA – Jan. 5, 2014 – Nick Catania, a young producer and entrepreneur, takes buses almost everywhere. His love of buses recently came to the attention of the Trailways bus corporation in Virginia.  They were very intrigued when he said he was going from New York to Tennessee—by bus—to attend a major bus convention in Nashville.  Trailways quickly hired him to create a travel journal for social media about his bus trip, which begins today, Sunday, January 5, 2014 and ends on Friday, Jan. 10th. 

Trailways has arranged for Catania, 23, of the Hudson Valley area of New York and a film assistant, Thomas (TJ) Giannetta, 22, to ride Trailways buses and interline with Greyhound to reach Nashville in time for the American Bus Association (ABA) convention on January 11, 2014, with more than 3,500 tour operators, suppliers, bus companies and other exhibitors.
The purpose of the Trailways bus trip is to create a travelogue of modern bus travel from the viewpoint of a young, tech-savvy person.  “It is our goal to promote Trailways to a new generation of young people through social media,” said Tony Fiorini, Chairman of the Trailways Board of Directors.  “When we met Nick just last month, it was intriguing because he was taking the bus to ABA.  Then, we learned that Nick is an audio engineer with experience in filmmaking and photography, too.  Most importantly, he is passionate about travel by bus.  That was really the key.  So, we quickly hired him to do this project.”
Catania, an alumnus of Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, and Giannetta will share their observations about modern bus travel as well as explorations of American cities and towns along the way.  They will ride Adirondack Trailways in New York, then Martz Trailways in Pennsylvania and Burlington Trailways in the Midwest as well as several portions on Greyhound.  In this collaborative project, both Trailways and Greyhound have provided the bus tickets and arrangements.  Hotel stays have been provided by Historic Hotels of America in most cities, including the Omni Severin in Indianapolis and the Omni Majestic in St. Louis.
Catania and Mattiaccio are co-founders of a tech company called NickelBus, Inc (, currently in its beta-test phase.  Through the NickelBus website, consumers will be able to search bus schedules, routes and station locations all over the U.S. to find the perfect ride to travel wherever they need to go, according to the company’s website.   NickelBus will be exhibiting at ABA.  Trailways is also an exhibitor at ABA. 
“We’re a tech company founded with a mission to bring more travel opportunities to thousands of people.  Our passion for exploration and travel radiates throughout all of our work, because that’s we’re all about. With Trailways, Greyhound and Historic Hotels of America, this bus trip is going to be a great American adventure,” Catania said.
Follow the Trailways Ride Along stories:
·         Trailways Twitter site 
·         Trailways Facebook
·         Trailways Blog
·         Also, stay tuned for the production on the Trailways YouTube page  
·         Greyhound Facebook


D.C. Inauguration: Checklist for Charter Groups

Team Trailways Charter Departments:

Groups Tours Visiting for Inauguration

Groups of 10 or more in need of assistance locating rooms, restaurants, transportation or other needs may contact Destination DC, the official convention and tourism corporation for Washington, DC, for support. Groups requiring 10 or more rooms may call Morgan Maravich at 202-789-7056 or email her at

For all groups arriving by motorcoach:

1) Apply for bus permit through the DMV.
2) Reserve bus parking for Inauguration Day (more information to come from the District Department of Transportation).
3) Stay updated on routing information and road closures at For additional routing/road closure or parking information, please call 1-855-67-BUSES.
4) Register for traffic alerts on, District Department of Transportation news and National Capital Region updates.

For more information on the event, please call 1-855-67-BUSES for assistance.

Please Plan Today For What Is On The Way!  




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