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April 6, 2017 – At the 81st Annual Trailways Meeting, held March 26-28, 2017 in California, recipients of the organization’s Spirit & Service Awards for 2016 were revealed. The awards were announced at a luncheon sponsored by Bridgestone Americas Inc and announced by its representative Joe Leipart. The awards are presented for recognition of outstanding work by Trailways companies in 2016.  Mr. Liepart announced the following awards:

First, we recognize a great bus industry family in the mid-west.  This family is well-known for their contribution to the bus industry… but that’s not enough!  This past November 2016, this special family personally cooked a full Thanksgiving meal for all of their bus passengers.  They not only COOKED it…they SERVED it!  This special award is called the Good Neighbor & Hospitality Award and the winner is… RON & LORI MOORE and FAMILY, BURLINGTON TRAILWAYS, West Burlington, Iowa. 

The next Spirit Award goes to an individual we call a great Trailways brand ambassador.  He is proud to promote and fly the flag.  This person surprised us last year by bringing 80th anniversary gifts to the annual conference.  The gifts were emblazoned with the Trailways 80th logo. It was a very nice gesture.  This Spirit award is given to BILL GENTRY, GENTRY TRAILWAYS, Knoxville, Tennessee. 

The next award is for Best Marketing Support.  This company has helped Trailways grow in the Ticketing division and has brought greater visibility and ridership to the Trailways Brand.  The winner is TRANSCOR of Jacksonville, Florida: Terry Cordell and Amos Lock.

Our next award is for Support by an Individual at a Partner company.  This award illustrates how Trailways can count on everyone to help when asked.  And the award goes to Jim Morrison with ABC.  Jim helped with bringing former Minnesota Twins broadcaster, John Gordon, to speak at our meeting last year in Ft. Myer, during lunch, which was a baseball theme.  “Gordy” made that event special, so thanks to Jim for stepping up to help.

The last award at today’s luncheon is a group award for the Team of Trailways bus carriers who provided transportation for the Democratic National Convention last summer in Philadelphia, PA.  The Trailways Charter Office coordinated the charter contract.  This was a very large charter move that was a big success.  So, please join me on stage:  Martz Trailways (PA); Fullington Trailways(PA); First Priority Trailways (MD); A.S. Midway Trailways (MD); Adirondack & Pine Hill Trailways (NY); Mlaker Trailways (PA); Bailey Trailways (PA); Flagship Trailways (RI); David Thomas Trailways (PA), as well as Sabina Dhami, the organizer from the Trailways home office in Virginia.

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