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New website announced by Trailways for Stockholders; New Portal

January 28, 2014 – Announcement to Stockholders

Team Members:   We are pleased to announce a new Trailways Website that has been created solely for Stockholders & employees. This new site (www.TeamTrailways.com) will allow you, as owners (and your employees) direct access to various Trailways training programs, products, services, operational and informational tools as well as the ability to communicate with each other (team members and staff) across the network.

Current Categories on www.TeamTrailways.com

  • Team Trailways News (News, Legislative, Annual Conference and Annual Stockholder Newsletter)
  • Safety & Security (and Driver Section)
  • Marketing, Sales & Training
  • Multi-Bus Moves (coming soon)
  • New Buses & Dealer Info (coming soon)
  • Network Business Opportunities (including Affilated Partners)
  • Buy, Sell or Trade Vehicles (coming soon)
  • Resource Center (Toolbox);
  • and, the newly added *Trailways Stockholders Dispatcher communications forum

*Here is a quick lesson…How to Post, Share, Comment, Etc…using the new stockholder forum section:  You can make Comments on any topic on the list above by clicking that button.  All general Comments are public within the blog site.  Use the regular blogging functions to Comment.

You can also make private news posts or comments as an “Author” that will be hidden to all website visitors.  Register as an “Author” and then you’ll receive an email with a generic (first-time) log-in and password.  You can then change your password at any time once you are logged-in.  (Training on How to Post will be upcoming.)

In the coming months we will transfer all stockholder-relevant information i.e., services, programs, products, informational access to training materials and other operational  tools (Toolbox) from www.trailways.com , which our “customer-oriented” (brand promotion, bus ticket, group charter and tour sales), to the new “teamtrailways” website.

You will now be able, easily and privately, gain direct access to informational/organizational items such as supplier and vendor rosters as well as information regarding their discounted and preferred programs, special news interest, how-to documents, vendor and service updates, stockholder benefits and other organizational & industry-related programs or services which will now reside on www.TeamTrailways.com.

Another new feature already housed on the new Trailways Stockholder-Website offers users an open communication forum known as the “Dispatcher” whereby you can post, share and comment with other team members globally.

In addition to the above is the list of the top categories currently featured on the new stockholder website, other categories or features can be added to the new private site in the coming months.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions about your new website and other assets to the site in which you would like to see developed, improved, etc.

Remember, we may not be able to implement all suggestions, but we will endeavor to include user-friendly, useful and pertinent data and resources as time and funds allow!  Post your suggestions or call us at 703-691-3052 (Gail or Tracey).  Or email Tracey@trailways.com

We encourage everyone to give the new stockholder Dispatcher communications forum a try.  Our goal is to enhance and strengthen this interactive communication feature in the coming months so the forum for communication among Trailways-related individuals feel this is indeed a useful tool in the daily support and successful management of your company.



Welcome to the Forum “Dispatcher” section: let’s start a conversation

Welcome to the Stockholder “Dispatcher” Forum page on the new Team Trailways website.

This is a new and improved tool for you to share and exchange information and other news-worthy items.

The “Read More” link below highlights current and past Dispatcher conversations and allows you to start a conversation.

Below are general instructions on “how to” use this website’s Dispatcher portal to post Comments or Articles:

  • First-time  users, click on any “Read More” link on any category to leave a “Comment.”  All first-time comments are approved by the Administrator at Trailways before appearing. After that, your Comments will post directly.
  • There is also an open Forum section below on this page to start a new dialog (click “Read More link).
  • In addition, to create a semi-private Article of your own (not just comment), first, you Must Register with Trailways by contacting Tracey@trailways.com; or, call 703-691-3052 x 205. Once we’ve established your account in the system, you can publish.

Click here for Step-by-Step help.

We want you to read and post often, so please bookmark www.teamtrailways.com.  Thank you.



Young Filmmaker set to take Trailways from NY to Nashville for Bus Convention

Fairfax, VA – Jan. 5, 2014 – Nick Catania, a young producer and entrepreneur, takes buses almost everywhere. His love of buses recently came to the attention of the Trailways bus corporation in Virginia.  They were very intrigued when he said he was going from New York to Tennessee—by bus—to attend a major bus convention in Nashville.  Trailways quickly hired him to create a travel journal for social media about his bus trip, which begins today, Sunday, January 5, 2014 and ends on Friday, Jan. 10th. 

Trailways has arranged for Catania, 23, of the Hudson Valley area of New York and a film assistant, Thomas (TJ) Giannetta, 22, to ride Trailways buses and interline with Greyhound to reach Nashville in time for the American Bus Association (ABA) convention on January 11, 2014, with more than 3,500 tour operators, suppliers, bus companies and other exhibitors.
The purpose of the Trailways bus trip is to create a travelogue of modern bus travel from the viewpoint of a young, tech-savvy person.  “It is our goal to promote Trailways to a new generation of young people through social media,” said Tony Fiorini, Chairman of the Trailways Board of Directors.  “When we met Nick just last month, it was intriguing because he was taking the bus to ABA.  Then, we learned that Nick is an audio engineer with experience in filmmaking and photography, too.  Most importantly, he is passionate about travel by bus.  That was really the key.  So, we quickly hired him to do this project.”
Catania, an alumnus of Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, and Giannetta will share their observations about modern bus travel as well as explorations of American cities and towns along the way.  They will ride Adirondack Trailways in New York, then Martz Trailways in Pennsylvania and Burlington Trailways in the Midwest as well as several portions on Greyhound.  In this collaborative project, both Trailways and Greyhound have provided the bus tickets and arrangements.  Hotel stays have been provided by Historic Hotels of America in most cities, including the Omni Severin in Indianapolis and the Omni Majestic in St. Louis.
Catania and Mattiaccio are co-founders of a tech company called NickelBus, Inc (www.nickelbus.com), currently in its beta-test phase.  Through the NickelBus website, consumers will be able to search bus schedules, routes and station locations all over the U.S. to find the perfect ride to travel wherever they need to go, according to the company’s website.   NickelBus will be exhibiting at ABA.  Trailways is also an exhibitor at ABA. 
“We’re a tech company founded with a mission to bring more travel opportunities to thousands of people.  Our passion for exploration and travel radiates throughout all of our work, because that’s we’re all about. With Trailways, Greyhound and Historic Hotels of America, this bus trip is going to be a great American adventure,” Catania said.
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