2015 December

Trailways adds Alliance AutoGas as Affiliated Partner

Affiliated partner Alliance AutoGas makes green Trailways even greener

Fairfax, VA – December 5, 2015 – Alliance AutoGas, an international network of companies that provides a comprehensive solution for medium and heavy-duty fleets transitioning from diesel or gasoline to propane autogas, has become an affiliated partner of Trailways Transportation System, Inc.

“We pride ourselves on providing the ‘Greenest/Easiest Travel on Earth,’” said Diane Walden, Trailways Vice President – Sales. “We just became even greener by partnering with Alliance AutoGas because it specializes in alternative fuel systems for people transport and the motorcoach industry.”

“Our integrated network combines clean fueling, vehicle conversion and high-performance, technical expertise,” explained Yvon Boisclair, Manager of Diesel Displacement Technology, Market Development, for Alliance AutoGas. “We convert vehicle fleets from diesel or gasoline to clean-burning, propane autogas; install autogas fueling station infrastructure at no upfront cost; integrate autogas data with fuel management systems; conduct operational and safety training, and provide ongoing fuel provision and support.”

Headquartered near Asheville, NC, Alliance AutoGas (www.allianceautogas.com) is managed by its parent company, Blossman Gas, Inc., the largest, privately owned propane retailer in the United States. Blossman Gas remains the network’s lead fuel provider. Today’s network includes more than 100 equipment providers, certified conversion centers and autogas fuel providers.

Propane autogas is a by-product of natural gas processing and crude oil refining. Among its advantages cited by Boisclair are lower cost per gallon than gasoline, reduced harmful emissions, less vehicle maintenance and longer engine life. He noted that autogas implementation for most light- and medium-duty fleets is more cost-effective than implementation of compressed natural gas, another alternative fuel.

Alliance AutoGas not only converts fleets from diesel or gasoline to propane autogas but also offers a bi-fuel system that allows them to refuel with either autogas or diesel fuel or gasoline. In addition, the network offers new autogas vehicles from original equipment manufacturers through partnerships.

Besides motorcoachs, including school buses, Alliance AutoGas works with many other types of fleets: taxi, limousine and paratransit; law enforcement; municipal and state governments; food and beverage distribution companies; utility and energy companies, and more.

Alliance AutoGas will be among the exhibitors at the 80th Anniversary Trailways Stockholders Meeting and Conference February 21-23, 2016, at the Westin Resort at Marina Village in Cape Coral, FL.

Trailways Transportation System, Inc., consists of approximately 70 independently owned and operated motorcoach companies in North America and Europe. Each company adheres to the highest safety standards required by the U.S. Department of Defense or its country’s equivalent.

Through its Affiliated Partners Program, Trailways maintains a close working relationship with industry-related supplier and vendor companies, as well as other tour and travel service entities, to ensure that its group of motorcoach companies receives the latest and most effective technology, information, services and products needed to maintain superior delivery of safe, comfortable, reliable passenger service. Affiliated Partners are listed on the Trailways portal http://www.teamtrailways.com.

Contact: Yvon Boisclair, Manager of Diesel Displacement Technology, Market Development, Alliance AutoGas

Address: 2091 US 70 Highway

Swannanoa, NC 28778

Telephone: 514-710-8428 E-mail: yboisclair1@gmail.com

Website: www.allianceautogas.com

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