2018 October

Sleep health management, FusionHealth joins Trailways as Affiliate

FusionHealth provides pioneering sleep health technology

Fairfax, VA – October 10, 2018 – Trailways Transportation System, Inc., announces a new affiliated partner, SleepCharge® by FusionHealth®. SleepCharge® is a comprehensive program combining technology with human interventions to manage sleep health for entire workforces and populations of at-risk patients.

FusionHealth®, a sleep health technology company based in the Atlanta suburb of Suwanee, GA, introduced SleepCharge® to its clientele of employers and healthcare systems in 2009. Since then the company has documented how employers providing SleepCharge® as an employee benefit have realized improved efficiency, consistency and delivery of care while systematically driving positive health outcomes and controlling healthcare costs for their at-risk personnel.

“Through our pioneering SleepCharge® program, FusionHealth® provides workers with a single, convenient way to address all of their sleep problems,” said Larry Baird, FusionHealth® Vice President, Business Development. “And we’re enabling employers and health plans to alter the trajectory of spiraling healthcare, productivity and safety costs.”

SleepCharge® deploys an interactive Website at www.sleepcharge.com filled with online tools to provide up-to-date education about sleep health and training to optimize healthy sleep. The SleepCharge® program also includes an app for mobile devices to conduct assessments identifying problem areas, to deliver personalized therapeutic protocols for improving sleep (recommended by board-certified, sleep medicine physicians) and to provide personalized sleep data so participants can track their progress. In addition, SleepCharge® makes sleep health professionals, including sleep coaches, available to answer participant questions, to offer continuing education and to provide encouragement for sticking with recommended daily therapy.

Healthy sleep improves alertness and reduces the risk of accidents on the road. It also helps to sustain overall physical and mental good health for peak productivity. In contrast, poor sleep can contribute over time to chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and mood disorders, as well as impaired memory, attention and judgment for decision-making.

Trailways Transportation System, Inc., is a network of approximately 65 independently owned and/or operated bus and motorcoach company locations in North America and parts of Europe.

Through its Affiliated Partners Program, Trailways enables suppliers and travel partners to network with company owners and other top decision makers, to their mutual benefit. The Affiliated Partners Program helps to ensure that companies in the Trailways network receive the latest and most effective technology, information, services and products.

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Larry Baird, Vice President, Business Development
Telephone: 804-994-7713
Toll-free: 1-888-505-0280
Email: lbaird@fusionhealth.com



For more information about the Trailways Affiliated Partner program, please contact:
Diane Walden, Business Development
Trailways Transportation System, Inc.
Office telephone: 703-897-4414
Cell telephone: 703-362-8438

Email: ditrails@trailways.com




Trailways 2018 National Sales Meeting Nov. 8-9 takes place at brand headquarters in Virginia

There is still time!

Trailways Member companies are invited to attend the 2018 Trailways National Sales Meeting November 8 & 9

at the brand headquarters in Virginia.

The meeting is intended for revenue and charter sales managers and marketing executives at Trailways companies.  Please see below for the hotel accommodations and meeting agenda/location.

Please RSVP by Oct. 15, 2018 to Tracey@Trailways.com (703-691-3052 x 3) – Fee of $95 per person.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS:  Book your group rate for TRAILWAYS NATL SALES MTG – $159 rate, plus tax.


Nov Sales Meeting AGENDA


The National Sales Meeting features 1.5 days of training at the Trailways corporate office in Fairfax, VA. Overall, the goal is for attendees to learn about the many ways their company can maximize its brand affiliation with Trailways.

On day 1, Thursday Nov. 8, morning workshops feature two experts from Trailways’ marketing partner companies:

First, Trailways’ website design company will share successful brand marketing ideas and demonstrate the new automated charter lead system on Trailways.com.

Second, Trailways’ digital marketing agency will share strategies for implementing robust Google search engine campaigns.  This will include results from Trailways’ organic SEO efforts to boosts awareness for all companies in the Trailways brand, as well as the results of specific 2018 pay-per-click programs.

The afternoon of Nov. 8 features a General Session on yield management with an expert who will share proven methods to increase revenue. This presentation features a hands-on instruction session.

On day 2, Fri., Nov 9, the morning will be devoted to learning about effective sales methods to increase your close ratio.  It will be presented by a leading sales training organization.

When the meeting has concluded, attendees will have a deeper understanding of how to maximize their brand affiliation with Trailways.  They will have improved their skills and understanding of various digital marketing and sales techniques.  They will be able to use the knowledge to improve their performance and grow revenue for their company.




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