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Monday, February 22, 2016

8:30AM “One-Minute Sharing” Trailways Exhibitors-Sponsors 2016 Listing-Program

2–Affiliated Partners Roster 3-2-2016-Updated

Thank you for your support!

Committee Program – Session 1

PANEL: Industry Updates on Key Issues

  • Suzanne Rohde (ABA) – Verbal discussion – Lease and Interchange of Vehicles; Motor Carriers of Passengers by Suzanne Rohde of ABADiscussion:
    1. Brief history on the L&I rulemaking process*:  NPRM, Final Rule, Petition Process.
    2. Summary of ABA actions, on behalf of the industry, to date, to bring about reconsideration of the final rule.
    3. Possibilities going forward.

    Questions Email – SRohde@buses.org

    *Lease and Interchange of Vehicles; Motor Carriers of Passengers


    Action: Final rule; extension of compliance date.

    Summary:  FMCSA extends the compliance date by which motor carriers of passengers operating CMVs under a lease or interchange agreement are subject to the FMCSA final rule published May 27, 2015, for one year, to January 1, 2018. The Agency received numerous petitions for reconsideration of the final rule and based upon a review of the petitions, determined that the compliance date should be extended to provide sufficient time to address the issues raised by the petitioners. The Agency is adding a temporary section to its regulations to inform the public of this extension. There will no longer be a need for the section on the compliance date after January 1, 2018, thus the temporary section will be in effect only from March 16, 2016 through January 1, 2018.

    View PDF

    Authority:  81 FR 13998

  • David Cooper (TSA) – Call Trailways for a copy (secure)
  • Reminder: TSA:  Transportation Security Operations Center (TSOC or Freedom Center) to report suspicious activities  TSOC.ST@dhs.gov
  • or 866-615-5150 JTTF:  Internet Tip Line  Joint Terrorism Task Forces work tirelessly to protect Americans from terrorism, but they can’t do it alone. “Every law enforcement officer, first responder, military member, intelligence analyst, and private citizen has a role to play in the global war on terror.”  Suspicious activity of any kind can be reported to your local JTTF or FBI field office.  www.fbi.gov

9:45AM – 10:45AM

2:45PM – 3:15PM

  • Informational – Courtney Berner, Cooperative Development Specialist, University of Wisconsin Center for Business Cooperatives – Introductions – Moderators – Tom McCaughey & Joe Kobussen (private presentation)

3:30PM—4:15PM – Stockholder Roundtables (Stockholders Only)

  • Banyan RoomCustomer Service & Driver Professionalism –Terri Marin (Facilitator) – Alliance Safety Council; Eva Hotard & Joelle McGehee – Alliance Safety Council Final with demo
  • Cypress RoomEmployment & Retention –Jonathan Berzas (Facilitator – CareerCoCorp; Martin Minkowicz & James Fontana – Trailways – Best Practices in Employment and Retention
  • Hibiscus RoomCo-Op Business Models –Tom McCaughey & Joe Kobussen (Facilitators) with University of Wisconsin; Courtney Berner

Regional Meetings – Agenda

  • Banyan RoomTrailways East – Bob Brisman, West Point Trailways (NY) – East Recap TrailwaysRegionalMeeting
  • Cypress RoomTrailways Central – Chris Mnichowski, Heartland Trailways (MO)
  • Hibiscus RoomTrailways West – Tom Giddens, Pacific Coachways Trailways (CA)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wear Red Day…was a great success!  Thank you (photos pending)

8:30AM – 10:30AMGrandville Ballroom

80th Annual Stockholders Business Meeting

          Chairman, Ron Moore, Burlington Trailways (Iowa)


EXHIBITOR EVENT & TRADE SHOW:  View Slide Show:  Exhibit Event

LUNCHEON – 80th Anniversary Celebration 


Master Map and Roster 2016 (2)



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