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Two Coach Drivers Receive Trailways 2015 “Outstanding Driver of the Year” Award from Trailways

Trailways Transportation System, Inc., (Trailways), revealed the names of two motorcoach drivers who have won the Trailways 2015 Outstanding Driver of the Year Award.

To qualify, a driver must have driven a motorcoach at least 20,000 miles or provide service for at least 600 hours during the calendar year. The two recipients are among approximately 3,000 full-time drivers in the Trailways group which has 65 companies in 32 states, and parts of Canada and Europe.

The Trailways 2015 Outstanding Driver of the Year in the Charter & Tour Division is Aaron Schwartz of Pine Hill Trailways of New York.

The Trailways 2015 Outstanding Driver of the Year Scheduled Route Division is Wesley Wohl of Adirondack Trailways of New York.

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Trailways Aaron Schwartz


Aaron Schwartz of Pine Hill Trailways of New York

Trailways Wesley Wohl




Wesley Wohl of Adirondack Trailways of New York

Driver of the Year Speech – Awards 2016 for Portal


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Trailways Group Travel Directory Published (2015-2016)

September 28, 2015 – Fairfax, VA – The Trailways Transportation System announces the publication of its 2015-2016 Trailways Group Travel Directory.   It is designed to promote Trailways’ 70+ bus companies to group bus-trip planners and consumers.   It is a printed directory as well as a digital directory.

Click to read the announcement:

To view and download this Digital version to your PC and to share the link with your staff and customers, click here:


The printed publication and the digital version are used by Trailways’ sales & marketing team to promote all Trailways companies to group travel planners and consumers.  We send the digital link to our customer database to download.  It is an easy reference list of our network of transportation providers. 


Hard copies of the new directory are available by request as well and distributed throughout the year on an ongoing basis.   This is the second time the directory has been developed for Trailways by Naylor Publishing. 

For more information, please contact

 Trailways Administrative Offices

3554 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 202

Fairfax, VA 22030

703-691-3052 – Voice

703-691-9047 –  Fax

Free online directory to view/download:





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