Tech company EyeRide Joins Trailways Affiliated Partner Program


Tech company EyeRide offers fleet monitoring and management solutions as Trailways affiliated partner

Fairfax, VA – April 11, 2016 – EyeRide, a company specializing in advanced technology tools for monitoring and managing vehicle fleets, has become an affiliated partner of Trailways Transportation System, Inc.

“Our goal is to become the premier, all-in-one, fleet management solution,” said EyeRide Director of Safety and Client Development Emilio Baez. “EyeRide can help operators to run a smarter and safer fleet. We want to help businesses save money and to be more efficient while improving industry-wide safety standards. We’re also concerned about the passenger experience.”

Besides the bus and motorcoach industry, EyeRide serves customers around the world in the fields of public transportation, towing, waste management, hazardous materials/petroleum and cargo. Among the company’s customers are all branches of the U.S. military as well as numerous law enforcement agencies, transportation and security companies. Its live video, live audio, live global positioning system (GPS) and vehicle G-force sensor equipment can be configured “to optimize management of any size fleet in any industry – be it public, private or governmental,” according to Baez.

Baez touted EyeRide’s capabilities for improving fleet tracking and performance, driver behavior and fleet safety, cost reduction and fuel economy, risk management and customer satisfaction.

That’s a tall order. But then, EyeRide has amassed a considerable array of technology tools for its customers, along with the tech-savvy staff to integrate those tools into customized fleet management systems.

EyeRide’s product line is built around Web-based access to its vehicle units. Its products include monitors, mobile computers, mobile access control units, mobile digital video recorders (MDVR), cameras, the Eye Lite GPS, onboard Wi-Fi, antennas, microphones and speakers, plus accessories.

With these products and its Cloud-based, unlimited database capacity, EyeRide keeps its technological eyes and ears focused on a myriad of vehicle operational details, recording them in real time. As a backup, it also saves data on an in-vehicle hard drive for up to three months. For example:

  • Where is every vehicle in the fleet at any given time? EyeRide’s GPS tracks all of their locations on an overview map.
  • Is the driver staying within authorized speed and route parameters? If anything’s amiss, EyeRide alerts both the driver and the fleet manager and enables them to communicate with each other to make corrections immediately. The fleet manager can be on a computer at a remote control center or on a smartphone.
  • Are habits of braking, idling, gear shifting and turning the most fuel efficient? EyeRide’s vehicle data streaming prompts drivers to develop efficient driving techniques so fleet maintenance costs can be minimized.
  • How many passengers are on board? EyeRide’s video analytics system counts each passenger entering and leaving the vehicle.
  • Do passengers want to watch the latest 20th Century FOX licensed movies and TV shows? EyeRide’s onboard media server streams entertainment to their mobile devices. Onboard Wi-Fi is unlimited with no extra fees.
  • Is an unauthorized individual attempting to enter the vehicle while it’s parked overnight? EyeRide’s live video feed and sensors record the intrusion and sound the alarm.
  • Has an accident, infraction or dispute occurred? EyeRide produces video and sensor evidence that can confirm or deny liability and can provide protection against groundless or fraudulent claims.
  • Is a hazard causing a huge traffic jam up ahead? EyeRide’s two-way audio devices let the operator at the control center notify the driver to seek an alternate route immediately.
  • How many miles did the vehicle travel? How many miles was it driven in each state on an interstate route? EyeRide produces printable PDF reports on distances traveled per day and state mile reports useful for claiming tax returns through the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).
  • When federal law requires electronic logbooks, will the motorcoach operator be able to comply? With EyeRide’s mobile e-log app, yes.

“Our wide array of features makes it easy to manage, analyze and track a single vehicle and an entire fleet,” said Baez. The EyeRide enterprise-level management system can monitor up to 5,000 EyeRide Video Gateway units and can make its data accessible to multiple operators simultaneously. Historical data stored by EyeRide can help fleet managers to determine performance metrics, most efficient routes and most effective allocation of resources.

“EyeRide’s advanced technology can provide motorcoach operators with an amazing amount of information to help them manage their fleets safely and efficiently,” said Trailways Vice President-Sales Diane Walden.

Trailways Transportation System, Inc. (Trailways), consists of approximately 65 independently owned and operated motorcoach companies in North America and Europe. Each company adheres to the highest safety standards required by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) or its country’s equivalent. Drivers within the Trailways system operate a wide variety of more than 12,000 passenger transportation vehicles.

Through its Affiliated Partners Program, Trailways maintains a close working relationship with industry-related supplier and vendor companies, as well as other tour and travel service entities, to ensure that its group of motorcoach companies receives the latest and most effective technology, information, services and products needed to maintain superior delivery of safe, comfortable, reliable passenger service. Affiliated Partners are listed on the Trailways portal

Contact: Emilio Baez, Director of Safety and Client Development, EyeRide

Address: 4737 Orange Drive,  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314

Office telephone: 954-775-1210

Cell telephone: 954-551-8110

Fax: 954-775-1201



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