Trailways Announces Bus Fleet Safety Award Recipients

Trailways  Bus Fleet Safety Award Recipients (2017) Announced

Presented Tuesday, February 27, 2018 for the 2017 calendar year

Hilton San Destin Resort, FLA/Dinner event sponsored by MCI


Overview: The Trailways Safety Award requires a member company to provide safety records quarterly to the corporate office.

The Trailways company must be accident-free for that year for ALL drivers and vehicles.

It may sound easy, but it often is not, given the many, many miles driven. Trailways is proud to present this high honor to four Trailways companies in the U.S. for 2017, with the awards sponsored by MCI.


This year, Trailways also presents a VERY SPECIAL SAFETY RECOGNITION AWARD to a driver who has an amazing story of survival to tell.

MCI is proud to sponsor and recognize the following Trailways Members for their Outstanding Fleet Safety Achievements for the 2017 year.

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The award for Fleet Service Safety in the Charter & Tour Division in the category of Less Than Two Million Miles Traveled is awarded to:


Sun Travel Trailways

Beaumont, Texas



The recipient of the Fleet Service Safety award in the Scheduled Route Division in the category of Less Than Two Million Miles Traveled is…


Arrow Trailways of TX

Killeen, Texas




The Fleet Service Safety award in the Scheduled Route Division in the category of more than Two Million Miles Traveled is, once again….


Martz Trailways

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania



The award for Most Improved overall for Fleet Service Safety is…


Pine Hill Trailways

Hurley, NY




DANIEL (DANNY) BISHOP – Harlows Trailways of North Dakota


This individual is a Driver, Trainer AND A HERO. This person had a serious road emergency — a near disaster while on a charter trip out of state….

This story starts like a horror story …but it’s all TRUE…It was a “dark and stormy night” …

The bus was driving on a bridge at night when a bad lightning and thunder storm occurred…

Lightening hit the bridge and knocked out power all around … and of course, the bus electrical system went completely DARK too.

The bus completely shut down. It was basically fried.  NO BUS POWER means no power steering, no interior lights and scarier, no exterior lights.  This driver acted fast…he pulled over as close to the guard rail as possible while still making room to open the bus door.

But, the luggage bay —with the emergency kit and flashers —-was blocked.

By then, the bus was sitting dark on a busy bridge road. Cars and trucks were swerving to avoid the bus.  The police were called but didn’t come for 30 minutes.

In all of this, the driver kept the passengers safely on the bus and kept them calm.

Luckily a motorist stopped behind the bus and put on his high beams and flashing lights to help illuminate the vehicle and ward off traffic.

Finally, the police arrived to help.

This trip began in North Dakota, but the crisis happened in Ohio. So, they asked for a replacement coach from Precious Cargo Trailways located just outside of Cleveland.  Precious Cargo acted fast and saved the day.

The passengers were taken onward to their scheduled hotel stop that night, with hardly any delay.

Then, the next morning, a loaner bus from some colleagues of ours (at Prevost) … to continue the trip…also with NO delay in the schedule.

What are the chances that a bus would be on a bridge in the pouring rain, then hit by lightning? It’s unbelievable!

And, it could have resulted in injuries —or worse —for the driver and passengers.

Bus this experienced, senior driver did not panic — he went into “crisis management” mode as well as had some luck.

He also had some great team members at his office, and other Trailways colleagues and bus industry allies, who really stepped up in this emergency!

Since the MCI awards are for SAFETY, they really wanted to give a Special Driver Recognition Award to this person. This is a special award this year.

Danny is also a trainer, so his “near-miss” will be a story he’ll tell in class forever!






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