Trailways Website Stats: Who Leads in Top Views?

Trailways website stats:

Stockholder pages received 301,958 pageviews, up by 26.10% from the previous twelve months. The top five rankings for pageviews (page 12) are:

  • #1 Fullington
  • #2 Adirondack
  • #3 Burlington
  • #4 Silver State
  • #5 Susquehanna

A comparison of the past twelve months shows a growth of 55.84% in visits to the website. (Approx. 750,000 visitors).   Search Engine traffic accounts for over 93% of visitors to the Trailways’ website, up from 79%. 38.61% of visitors viewed the website on a mobile device.

Specific traffic to key pages: 54,000 clicks on the Trailways Quotes page; 46,000 clicks on the Trailways Tours page (page 10).

See the full recap:

Trailways SEO Report (July 2013-June2014)


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