New Trailways Affiliated Partner: “Busie” Joins

Instant Charter Quote & Yield Management System

Fairfax, Va – Nov. 14, 2019 New Affiliated Partner, Busie, has joined the Trailways bus network organization. Busie is a cloud-based platform that empowers your charter sales team. It is a web-based yield management system built for the modern charter company. They are planning to work with Trailways Corp. to create an API with its charter lead system as an opt-in service for operator-members to provide instant quoting and seamless real-time response to customers. They have also worked with individual Trailways companies and will be doing a pilot project to share results at the 2020 Trailways Annual Meeting in March in Orlando. The Busie technology helps bus operators capture more business and compete more strongly in the highly competitive charter bus market. The technology works by streamlining their quoting and booking process to reach customers instantly. In turn, this helps lead to higher customer satisfaction and enables bus charter sales personnel to focus on increasing revenue. All aspects of charter quoting can be handled in the Busie Operator Quote portal where the operator controls its charter quote rates. Contact: Busie 43 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010 Telephone: (443) 452-9398 Company Email: | Website Louis Bookoff and Josh Bain


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