DOT Compliance Investigations joins Trailways as preferred affiliated partner

Known for bus regulatory expertise


FAIRFAX, VA – May 11, 2018 – DOT Compliance Investigations of Brooksville, FL, has become a preferred affiliated partner of Trailways Transportation System, Inc., announced Diane Walden, Business Development for Trailways.

Owned and operated by Francisco G. Acuna, a former special agent for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) , the company provides professional services to help bus industry clients comply with Department of Transportation regulations. Brad Watkins, a long-time, bus industry associate and formerly of CSS and the Department of Defense inspection program, has joined Mr. Acuna to provide professional assistance to the bus industry.

“Nothing is more important to our Trailways companies than the safety of passengers, employees and those who share the road with us,” said Trailways President and Chief Executive Officer Eva M. Hotard. “So, we need to know the latest safety regulations and be prepared to meet or even proactively to exceed government standards. We welcome DOT Compliance Investigations and its expertise in this field.”

DOT Compliance Investigations (DCI) provides numerous compliance services, ranging from developing safety management plans and safety compliance manuals to conducting driver and staff training to assisting with preparation for safety audits and compliance reviews. Its after-action solutions involve developing corrective action plans for clients and working with them to achieve safety rating upgrades and elimination of imminent hazards. DCI also provides consultation services, litigation services and expert testimony. In addition, it conducts seminars and presentations about current compliance issues.

Founded in 1936, Trailways Transportation System, Inc., comprises more than 65 independently owned and/or operated bus and motorcoach companies in North America and parts of Europe. Each company adheres to the highest safety standards required by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Trailways through its Affiliated Partner Program enables suppliers and travel partners to network with its company owners and other top decision makers, for their mutual benefit.

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For more information about DOT Compliance Investigations, please contact Bradford Watkins, DCI Service Agent, at (571) 233-0985 or Bjhime1@aim.com.

For more information about the Trailways Affiliated Partner Program, please contact Diane Walden, Business Development, at (703) 897-4414 or (703) 362-8438 or Ditrails@trailways.com, or bustrails@trailways.com 



Watch the Trailways’ Retro Video – 80 Years of Americana

New Video Premieres – 80th Anniversary of Trailways Bus Company

A Retro Look Back at 80 Years of Americana


About Trailways

Discover More! See the Timeline online as well, based on the 2016 history book published on the 80th anniversary.


Thank you to Sheri Bankston, Alliance Safety Council, for the video production.



Aries Charter Transportation of Chicago Joins Trailways Brand

Acquires Prairie Trailways


October 3, 2017 – Fairfax, VA  – Trailways Transportation System, Inc., (Trailways) announces a new member of its brand today, Aries Charter Transportation, Inc. (Aries), of Naperville, IL, a Chicago suburb.

Aries recently announced its acquisition of American Sightseeing and O’Hare Wisconsin Limousine Service, which includes Prairie Trailways and the Gray Line brand memberships.  It presents a new chapter for Aries and will help it emerge into the direct tourism market in the Chicago region.

American Sightseeing, under the direction of the Ferrone family, owners of the Trailways brand member Prairie Trailways of Chicago, made the decision to entrust Aries.

“We are very happy to announce this news to the industry,” says Chris Ferrone. “We wish Aries Charter Transportation good luck and success with the newly acquired business.”

In addition to providing charter transportation, private car services, and line-run/commuter shuttles, Aries added four daily bus sightseeing tours throughout the city with Gray Line, with an eye on expansion.

Ralph Trevino, President and CEO, said “We look forward to ushering Aries into the next generation of the transportation industry and to bring the same quality of service into the tour business, as we have for the past 27 years in our charter transportation.”  He also said that the investment is in an essential evolution of its company and unlocks a new opportunity to leverage its brand recognition, resources, and capabilities.

“Expansion into these new areas is possible because of our exceptionally talented and dedicated team.  As a family business, people continue to be the heart and soul of our operation,” Trevino said.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Gray Line and Trailways employees to the Aries family”, says Nick Trevino, Assistant Finance Manager.  “As the second generation within this business, I’ve learned firsthand the importance and value of the people who have helped build and shape this company.  My father, like the Ferrone’s, has created an organization that brings out the excellence in everyone, which is one of the many reasons why customers continue to use Aries for their transportation needs. ”

After more than a century in business, Aries looks forward to continuing the legacy of being one of Chicago’s leading transportation and tourism companies for generations to come, Trevino said.

Aries Trailways is a full service ground transportation provider operating within the Chicago metropolitan area. With over two decades in business, Aries has been a pioneer in private charter and group transportation.  The company now offers sightseeing tours, in addition to its nonstop, private car services and motor coach and mini bus rentals.

To learn more, visit www.ariescharter.com.

Media Contacts:
For Aries Trailways – Antoinette Gonzales

Office – 773.826.2000 /Cell – 312..576.5030

Email – antoinette@ariescharter.com

Website – www.ariescharter.com


For Trailways Transportation System –

Eva Hotard, Eva@Trailways.com

or Tracey@Simmons

Trailways 703-691-3052 x 3



Harmon Brothers of Atlanta joins Trailways brand


Harmon Brothers of Atlanta joins Trailways brand

Largest minority-owned bus company in southeast

Photo: Harmon Brothers — with Trailways logo



Fairfax, VA – Sept. 22, 2017 – Atlanta, GA-based Harmon Brothers Inc., a charter transportation. has joined Trailways Transportation System, Inc., the well-known bus brand in North America, it was announced today by Eva M. Hotard, Trailways President and Chief Executive Officer.

Harmon Brothers Charter Service (HBCS) was founded in 1979. As part of Trailways, it will be known as Harmon Brothers Trailways.

With a current size of 20 full size passenger vehicles, plus smaller vehicles, HBCS is one of Atlanta’s oldest and largest privately-owned bus transportation companies. HBCS is also the largest minority owned bus transportation company in the Southeast.

Clint Harmon, President, Harmon Brothers Trailways said, “We know that Trailways members share common values with us and we’re proud to be designated an approved Trailways member in its well-known brand. We all have a commitment to prompt on-time services at competitive prices.”

“Our staff is proud of their commitment to on-time services, a high level of professionalism, and great values in the Southeast, he said.   “We care that our customers are not only comfortable on their trips, but feel secure. We ensure that every vehicle is road ready and offer full passenger insurance as well as provide drivers that are highly professional and courteous.”

Harmon’s fleet is composed of recent models all ranging from 2008 to 2014. Its fleet of twenty 55-passenger deluxe motor coaches feature reclining seats with footstools and individual reading lights, plenty of overhead luggage space and clean lavatories. Its two 25-passenger mini buses also feature these quality amenities (except lavatories.)

“The coach buses from Harmon Brothers Trailways offer reliable transportation with all the amenities of a luxury trip,” Clint Harmon, said.

Harmon Brothers Trailways is registered with the U.S. DOT# – 1777. Location: 5094 Westbrook Rd.   Union City, (Atlanta) GA 30291   Phone: 770-969-0180 or 877-230-4788 or 888-487-3251   Fax: 770-969-9725  Hours:  Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM; Saturday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM  and Sunday Closed.

For more information, please contact: Eva M. Hotard, Trailways President & CEO 703-691-30520 phone or eva@trailways.com and Mr. Clint Harmon, President, Harmon Brothers Trailways 770-969-0180 Phone or charmon@harmonbros.com       XXX



Fullington Trailways Mobilizes Midnight Bus Convoy to Texas for Hurricane Help


Fullington Trailways in Pennsylvania urgently deployed 20 buses to Texas in the middle of the night August 28th to help with urgent transportation needs near Houston resulting from Hurricane Harvey.   The crisis required Fullington’s drivers to mobilize fast.  The first group of buses left at 2:30 AM on Monday for an targeted arrival in the staging region near San Antonio, TX by midnight the next day, Tuesday, August 29th.

The process began last week when Fullington Trailways was contacted and requested to be “on standby” following the weather forecast as Hurricane Harvey targeted the gulf coast of Texas.  Then, this past Sunday August 27, 2017 at 10:00 PM, the status was changed to Active, according to Mike Dull, Fullington’s Director of Operations.  “We are very proud of our drivers for their quick response and while this is what we do, we’re especially concerned about the urgent help needed for immediate relief efforts in Texas.  With our fleet, we’re going to be transporting  more than 1,000 residents displaced from their homes for as long as we’re needed”, said Mike.

For more information

CONTACT: Jennifer Corman, Fullington Trailways, 814-765-7871 or jennifer@fullingtontours.com

Fullington Trailways fleet heads to help Hurricane relief

Fullington Trailways fleet heads to help Hurricane relief






Four national drivers win, a new record





Trailways company owners, standing, with the four recipients of the National Trailways Driver of the Year Award (2016). Seated, from left, Toby Cluney; Martin Martinez; Jon Pattee, and Terry Martin. Standing, from left, Matt Moore, Mike Giddens, Tom Giddens, Mike Haworth and Ron Moore.


Press Release                                                                         

April 6, 2017 – Four Outstanding Trailways Drivers of the Year were recently announced at the Trailways annual meeting held March 26-28, 2017 in California.  The winners were recognized in person at the Trailways gala dinner award ceremony, sponsored by Lancer Insurance, and announced by their representative, Bob Crescenzo.  “This type of success requires a disciplined, dedicated and proud employee with a great work ethic,” he said.  Lancer has sponsored the award for four years.

The criteria for the Outstanding Trailways Driver of the Year Award is:

  • A driver candidate must drive at least 20,00 miles (or drive 600 hours) in the last calendar year;
  • The person must have worked for three consecutive years at the same company;
  • The driver must exhibit the highest level of professionalism and safety during the past year with no reportable accidents.
  • They must not be late to work or absent.
  • They can be a full-time or part-time driver.
  • Their motor vehicle report in their state and their accident history for the last three years is reviewed by Trailways headquarters.
  • And lastly, their supervisor must write a letter of support and they must have passenger/client testimonials.


Mr. Crescenzo announced the following:

We are very pleased this year to have not just one, not just, and not only three, but four nominations for this prestigious award!

So, I guess this means we have our own “FOUR CHAIR TURN”!

And, just like ‘The Voice’, we certainly have a lot of talented drivers with us this year.  Each Driver here tonight and all of you, are a star to us!

Two of our drivers traveled from nearby.  They are both from California but two came all the way from the Midwest.

The latter two are very happy to be out of the cold weather to be in California.

So, with four winning driver recipients attending this year, it is indeed a special occasion.

Trailways has hosted their stay here at the Hyatt.  The break is well-deserved and what better place than beautiful Newport Beach.

Eva Hotard, Trailways’ CEO and Jonathan Berzas, Chairman, told me that four may be the most driver nominations they have awarded at one time.  I’m sure that we can all agree…the more the better!

We can never stop saying thank you to our good drivers.

At Lancer, we also believe that the drivers are the most valuable people to our companies.  The more praise and recognition, the better!  It is well deserved.

So, it’s not only a historic year, but a very timely one.  As you heard today, Trailways is focusing on Enhanced Customer Service.  These drivers will make great role models, as you’re about to hear…

Thank you as well to the Trailways company owners who nominated these drivers!  You are role models, too.  And now, let’s meet our recipients:

In the Charters & Tours Division, we have THREE Co-Winners this year


  • The first individual has been nominated by Ron Moore, Burlington Trailways, West Burlington, Iowa and endorsed by their Charter Manager, Kathy Trublood.

He has driven seventy-five thousand, six hundred and fifty-eight thousand miles accident-free this past year.  His charter manager said they receive only good reports from groups about this man.  One of his group leaders, with a women’s college basketball team, said, “they were so impressed with his kindness and dedication that we will request him the entire season.”

She also said that the team really bonded with him and how extremely grateful they are for all he did.  “It was comforting to know that when the team traveled, they were in the safe care of this driver!

Another customer, a bank vice president, said that he responded quickly when their group had a tornado threat at a baseball stadium.  He rushed to get the coach, even though they didn’t need it after all.  The customer said he had “excellent driving skills under difficult conditions and maintained his positive, upbeat personality.  He is a gem.”

And the recipient is….Terry Martin, Burlington Trailways Charter & Tour Division



  • The second Co-Winner in the Charter & Tour Division is from a California-based Trailways company. This driver has been nominated by Mike Haworth and his management team at Orange Belt Trailways. 

He has driven seventy-five thousand miles with Orange Belt Trailways this past year, accident-free.  He has been nominated by Mike Haworth, the president and general manager.  This special driver has been with the company for 29 years.

He is now a senior charter driver.  “He is one of the many quality drivers who lifts our industry from simply a bus ride, to an experience enjoyed by passengers who feel safe, comfortable and treated with respect and dignity,”  Haworth said.

The company’s Tour Manager for their Orange Belt Adventures division, also says, “he is a regular driver for our multi-day tours on the coast.  He is a GREAT bus driver that goes beyond the job description to make sure everyone has the BEST travel experience possible.  He keeps the coach clean, always has it ready to load in a timely manner, and is there to assist the passengers.  “He sets a fine example for Orange Belt Trailways and I always enjoy working with him.”

And the recipient is …Jon Pattee from Orange Belt Trailways



  • Our third co-winner in the Charter & Tour Division has been nominated by Tom & Mike Giddens of Pacific Coachways Trailways.

This driver is a former U.S. Army medic; an EMT; taxi driver, and trucker who found his calling when he learned to drive a motor coach.  And that was 10 years ago, when he first began as a driver with Burlington Trailways.

He completed his school bus driving certification first, then moved on as a coach driver.  He is a dedicated family man, too, with two daughters.

A client said, “Martin drove our church group to camp during bad weather in heavy traffic and he remained easy-going, friendly and helpful…he’s a GREAT bus driver!”  Another customer said, “we would hire Martin again in a heartbeat!  He is a superb navigator of a bus and had excellent timeliness and friendliness.”

And the recipient is….Martin Martinez – Pacific Coachways Trailways


Lastly, the sole winner in the Scheduled Route division is also from Burlington Trailways in West Burlington, Iowa.  He’s also very happy to be in sunny, warm California!

This person has driven and amazing one hundred and one thousand, one hundred and seventy-four miles this past year, accident free!

His supervisor said that he is Burlington’s strongest and most consistent Line Run driver and is an excellent nominee. He assists with training new drivers who “always compliment his ability to handle the bus.”

I have known him for five years and he is always reliable.  He is patient, professional with his customers and takes great pride in his work.  He is professional from the minute he does his pre-trip until the time he parks and does his post-trip.  The quality of his work and the quality of this young man as a human being makes him a great choice for Driver of the Year in our national Trailways family.


And the recipient is….TOBY Cluney – Burlington Trailways – Scheduled Route Division – Winner with 101,074 Miles Driven in 2016



Mr. Crescenzo and the attendees gave big round of applause for the “four chair turn” and everyone said congratulations to the four amazing bus drivers.  It’s no doubt that these four outstanding drivers exemplify the Trailways spirit.

Contact:  Eva Hotard 703-691-3052   ext.3 or Eva@trailways.com






Trailways Brand Brochure – Help Your Business Grow

Use the powerful Trailways brand to help your business grow.




Trailways Appoints New President/CEO

Transportation Industry Leader—Eva Hotard

Fairfax, VA – May 16, 2016 – Two well-known names in the passenger transportation industry – Hotard and Trailways — have come together as Eva M. Hotard takes the helm as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Trailways Transportation System, Inc. (Trailways), effective immediately.

Ms. Hotard succeeds Gale C. Ellsworth, who is retiring after serving nearly two decades as the organization’s President/CEO. “Gale did an excellent job. We really can’t thank her enough and truly hate to see her leave—but wish her much happiness in her new phase of life,” stated Ron R. Moore, Trailways Chairman and President of Burlington Trailways in West Burlington, IA.

Eva M. Hotard.May 2016A search committee composed of Trailways Board members unanimously selected Ms. Hotard from a field of more than 400 applicants.

“Eva ran a very successful bus company. She has been in the business for many years; worked her way up through the ranks and has a wonderful reputation as a talented business leader. She knows all of the trials and tribulations that independent bus companies go through. Eva clearly understands everything about the industry,” Mr. Moore said. “We selected her because of her experience and her leadership skills. Like Gale, Eva is also passionate about the industry. “

Search Committee Chairman Jonathan T. Berzas, President and CEO of Fullington Trailways in Clearfield, PA, stated: “Ms. Hotard is well respected in the motorcoach industry and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Trailways organization. She led a family motorcoach business based in New Orleans through a tremendous growth period. We chose her because of her extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.”

“The 80-year-old Trailways brand is very powerful. It’s a tremendous strength. So, building on the brand and leveraging resources are what I want to concentrate on,” Ms. Hotard said. “A strong brand helps everyone on the Trailways Team.”

“The companies in the Trailways system are exuding optimism to grow and to embrace the future. They work very well together,” she added. “With the experience of my own growth as a leader in the school of hard knocks, I can help to shorten the learning curve while the companies are in a growth mode. I’m going to be working with the stockholder companies to help them with revenue management, operations and driver management, including meeting the challenge of attracting and retaining the next generation of drivers. I’ll also work on developing a very strong sales culture.”

Safety will be another critical area of focus for Ms. Hotard. According to Trailways Chairman Moore, “Our goal is to position Trailways as this industry’s leader in safety, and Eva has a passion about safety.”

Combining the emphasis on safety with driver management, Ms. Hotard anticipates implementing at Trailways, elements of an online, modular, computer-based learning program for drivers. She has been collaborating with the Alliance Safety Council to introduce the program to the motorcoach industry to improve driver performance and to support company owners in risk mitigation.

“Corporate cultures that embrace learning and growing always end-up leading the pack. So, raising the standard of performance to become the model of great service to customers will be a top priority; and being able to work with companies in the industry that I grew up with—is very exciting to me,” Ms. Hotard said.

The Hotard Family has been in the bus business since 1935, when Etienne Hotard launched a line run service between the Eastbank River Parishes and New Orleans, LA. In 1960, Eva’s father started Hotard Coaches as a one-bus operation offering scheduled service between Vacherie and New Orleans. It later became known for its charter transportation services.

Eva Hotard, one of nine siblings, all of whom worked in the family business at one point, started her career with Hotard Coaches, Inc., in 1977. She was elected General Manager in 1984 and President/CEO in 1993, a position she held until 2004. Ms. Hotard had overall responsibility for the operating entities, two leasing entities and a partnership with land holdings. Under her leadership, Hotard Coaches grew from a three-vehicle operation to a fleet of more than 100 vehicles. It became one of the largest travel services companies in the Gulf South, with offices in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA; Biloxi, MS; and, Washington, D.C.

During her leadership tenure, the Hotard family businesses expanded to include a destination management company for large themed events and meetings; purchase of a receptive tour operator; plus, 50 percent ownership (in partnership with the New Orleans Steamboat Company) of Gray Line of New Orleans, Inc., a sightseeing company. She also led company initiatives to develop a customer service monitoring system, customized operating and fleet management software, convention sales systems and a system for training hundreds of good drivers.

In 2005, she drew upon her experience hiring and training key managers to execute growth strategies when she became a management consultant and executive coach. She formalized her consulting business as High Performance Quest, LLC, in 2010. With emphasis on leadership development and clear growth strategies, she focused on working with owners and CEOs of small and medium-size businesses to transform their companies into high-performance organizations. Ms. Hotard herself was trained in executive coaching by renowned leadership coach Lee Thayer. She participated for 10 years as a member of The Executive Committee (TEC), a CEO development organization.

“It’s a challenging transition for companies to grow from an entrepreneurial-style organization to a well-managed, styled organization. I enjoy working in that area,” Ms. Hotard said. “You have to be really strong in your systems, strategies and diligent in your management. That’s what makes you a strong competitor.”

“My passionate purpose is helping people journey from who they are to who they ought to be to lead high-performance organizations,” she added. “Leadership mastery is a journey like no other; it brings true meaning to life. Great leaders create a better future for their organizations. The Trailways Board is open to new opportunities; I’m looking forward to being of service to them.”

Ms. Hotard has held numerous leadership positions in industry associations over the years. She was a founding member and first chairman of the International Motorcoach Group (IMG), and has served on many organizational boards and committees—the National Motorcoach Network; Executive Committee & board, American Bus Association (ABA); board & Sales and Marketing Committee of Gray Line Worldwide; board of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau; and, board of the New Orleans Convention and Tourism Bureau.

In 2000, Ms. Hotard was honored with the METRO Magazine Motorcoach Industry Achievement Award “for her service to the industry’s associations and for her example and leadership as a successful provider of safe and high-quality passenger service.”

Her career has not been limited to the passenger transportation industry. During 2003-2005, as a partner in a start-up, ready-mix concrete company, Baker Ready Mix Concrete & Building Materials, in New Orleans, Ms. Hotard served as financier and played a key role in the planning process for all aspects of the business.

Serving as the lead on a complex real estate acquisition, Ms. Hotard and her brother, Eric Hotard, also became investment partners with French Quarter hotelier Michael Valentino in the purchase of the 225-room Canal Street Hotel in downtown New Orleans. The hotel is undergoing restoration and is scheduled to reopen in 2017.

Most recently, Ms. Hotard spoke on February 22, 2016, at a stockholder roundtable on “Customer Service and Driver Professionalism” at Trailways’ 80th Anniversary Stockholders Meeting and Conference in Cape Coral, FL.

Gale Ellsworth described Eva Hotard as a warm, solid, keen and savvy businesswoman. “Trailways is extremely privileged to have Eva join its Team. I am confident she will lead Trailways onward and upward,” said Ms. Ellsworth.

Print Press Release PDF: Trailways Appoints New President & CEO.5.16.16

#   #   #

About Trailways: Trailways was founded in 1936 by five independent motorcoach operators. Today it consists of 66 independently owned and operated motorcoach companies located throughout North America and Europe, most family-owned. Trailways drivers operate a wide variety of more than 12,000 passenger transportation vehicles. Through the more than 100 companies in its Affiliated Partners Program, the organization also maintains a close working relationship with industry-related suppliers and vendors, as well as other tour and travel service entities. Visit: www.trailways.com; Phone: 703-691-3052




CareerCo™ Matches Workers with Employers; New Trailways Affiliated Partner

Fairfax, VA – April 26, 2016—CareerCo™, a company that connects people with job openings, educational and training opportunities fitting their career interests, has become an affiliated partner of Trailways Transportation System, Inc. (Trailways).

“Drivers are the faces of Trailways that our passengers see most often, but our Trailways stockholder companies actually have a wide variety of jobs to fill in the office, in the garage as well as on the road,” said Trailways Chairman, Ron Moore (Burlington Trailways). “We welcome CareerCo™ as a matchmaker connecting motivated individuals who can meet our high standards with fulfilling careers within Team Trailways.”

To fulfill its matchmaking role, CareerCo™ combines the expertise of its more than 700 career advisors with its membership database of more than 43 million individuals, plus its proprietary “CareerMAP” technology, the power of the Internet and the immediacy of mobile communication devices.

Formed by the 2014 merger of The Employment Network (TEN) and The CollegeBound Network (CBN), CareerCo™ operates a portfolio of Websites including FindTheRightJob.com, JobHub.com, CollegeBound.net, MyEducation.com and CollegeSurfing.com, among others.

The company’s physical presence extends from its headquarters in New York City to two office buildings in Staten Island and one in Tempe, AZ.

“Our mission is to connect people with opportunities in education, training and jobs, empowering them to achieve their life goals,” said Kristy Fallon, Chief Business Development Officer at Career Co™. “We provide the most efficient and cost-effective recruitment solutions for employers, educators and training programs to identify and to secure qualified applicants.”

Employers post job openings with CareerCo™ free of charge, then pay per applicant. They can use CareerCo™ to promote training and business opportunities as well. “This performance-based, recruitment advertising has several advantages,” said James Fontana, a CareerCo™ account executive. “Employers can begin a campaign on a limited budget, controlling the number of applications they receive. They can observe the campaign’s effectiveness on a daily or even real-time basis, enabling them to optimize their targeting and messaging. They pay only when their recruitment ad placements result in a measurable action such as a completed application.”

Meanwhile, CareerCo™’s patented CareerMAP system of predictive modeling, algorithms and analytics matches CareerCo™ members with job postings that fit not only their educational background, experience, skills, geographic preferences, desired salary and desired career path but also personal attributes including their interests, values, motivations and aptitudes.  CareerMAP finds matches by sorting through member profiles prepared in advance via a combination of phone assessments conducted by CareerCo™’s career advisors and online assessments.

CareerCo™ then sends “job alert” messages, which it calls “woofs,” to members who match a particular posting. These may be in the form of a text message, an e-mail, a push notification or a phone call from a CareerCo™ advisor. So notified anywhere, at any time, a CareerCo™ member can apply for the job opening immediately by pushing one button on a smartphone or other mobile communication device.

Members may browse the CareerCo™ database of job postings independently of these “job alerts” as well.

“CareerCo™ lets you know about the right job fast!” Fontana said. “We can also help you with the right training, certification or degree program guidance to make you more marketable. Our services are designed to help you make decisions and to identify opportunities at all stages and transitions over the course of a career.”

CareerCo™’s career advisors are available five days a week, 18 hours per day, for phone consultations with job seekers. The company also provides information about education and employment trends, career tips and other resources in its blog at www.careerco.com, in an e-newsletter, plus on its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Contact:  James Fontana, Account Executive, CareerCo™

1200 South Avenue, Suite 202, Staten Island, NY 10314

Telephone: 646-862-6579 

E-mail: jfontana@careercocorp.com

Website: www.careercocorp.com




2 Coaches for Sale by Great Canadian Trailways

Great Canadian Trailways (Larry Hundt) is selling two coaches:

CoachForSale#1874_Aug15 (Prevost)

CoachForSale#4550 (Setra)

The company will sell the Setra coach with a $25,000 parts inventory.

These units have been well maintained, used on charter/tour work and are in most cases low mileage without any corrosion issues.


Please contact coach operations manager Jim Pattison at 1 800 461 8687 x 235 or by email at jimpattison@greatcanadiancoaches.com


Great Canadian Coaches Inc.

353 Manitou Drive, Kitchener, ON N2C 1L5

519 896 8687



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