Trailways Affiliated Partner Program

Paradigm Benefits Joins Trailways’ Affiliated Partner Program


Paradigm Benefits helps create a work culture of total health


Fairfax, VA – Aug. 1, 2016 – Paradigm Benefits (aka HR Benefit Advisors, Ltd.), an independent, employee benefit advisory firm based in Rochester, NY, has become an affiliated partner of Trailways Transportation System, Inc.

Its 16-member team of associates serves clients in transportation and many other industries, not only in New York State but also across the United States.

Paradigm Benefits is able to bring Fortune 500 solutions to small and midsize employer groups.

Paradigm Benefits experts start with an in-depth understanding of each client’s employee benefits needs, goals and challenges. Then they either assess the client’s existing benefits program or develop a custom benefits program for the client.

As a full-service firm, Paradigm Benefits has a wide range of capabilities:

  • Financial analytics and benchmarking – actuarial analysis; financial dashboards and projections; plan analysis; predictive modeling for plan modifications and self-funded health plans; medical stop loss evaluation; benchmarking reports comparing utilization of health care services and prescription drugs, plan designs, premiums, employee contributions and cost trends by industry, geography and employee population size
  • Benefit plan management – from online enrollment and renewal to claims and underwriting advocacy to a one-stop call center for employee inquiries and problem resolution
  • Health and lifestyle management – from wellness programs to telemedicine, on-site clinics and health fair incentives
  • Employee communication and education – a total employee communication platform that lets employees get the information they need about their workplace benefits online, by phone and via printed materials custom designed by the Paradigm Benefits graphics team
  • Employee engagement activities – from personality profiling, custom surveys and assessments to reward-and-incentive program development
  • Compliance monitoring to avoid penalties – from claims audits to labor law consulting, plus newsletters, webinars, alerts and an online human resources portal to keep clients informed about current compliance requirements
  • Retirement and financial security planning – from group retirement plans to executive benefits, financial planning and investment consulting


In addition, the Paradigm Benefits team has the expertise to help clients make decisions such as:

  • Is it feasible for our company to self-fund our benefit claims?
  • How can we manage our entire benefits program proactively and identify emerging trends? (Paradigm Benefits produces a consolidated financial summary of the client’s benefit plan enrollment, gross costs, benefits paid, expenses and net costs.)
  • Which carriers should we consider for our employee benefits? (Paradigm Benefits researches potential carriers and prepares requests for proposals.)
  • Which Web-based, employee benefits enrollment and management system (HRIS system) will save us the most administrative time and money while giving us convenient access to all the data we need?
  • How can we incorporate a wellness program, population health management and disease management into our employee benefits program to keep our employees healthy, to reduce our risks and to control our company’s health-care costs?
  • Which retiree medical plan options would enable us to reduce our liabilities?
  • How do our 401(k) plan fees compare with market norms?
  • What do we need to know about COBRA, HIPAA, DOL and ERISA compliance; about GINA, CHIP, IRC Section 125 cafeteria plans, Medicare Part D?
  • How does the Affordable Care Act impact our company?

Founded by principals Michael Colao and Gary Mink as HR Benefit Advisors in 1993, Paradigm Benefits has an office in Utica, NY, in addition to its Rochester headquarters.

According to Paradigm Benefits Principal and Team Leader Gary Mink, “In essence, our firm partners with employers in creating a culture of total health, which includes health-care cost containment, performance-based wellness, employee communication and engagement.”

Paradigm Benefits gains leverage in the marketplace as a charter member partner firm of United Benefit Advisors® (UBA®). The UBA® alliance comprises more than 2,000 professionals in 140-plus independent, benefit advisory firms in North America and the United Kingdom. The combined financial resources of UBA® firms enable them to obtain competitive rates, superior technology tools, plus enhanced products and services.

“Taking care of employees is just as vital as taking care of the vehicles in the Trailways fleet,” said Ron Moore, Trailways Chairman.

“Employee benefits play an important role in recruiting, retaining, rewarding and gaining peak performance from the thousands of employees working for Trailways stockholder companies. We’re pleased to welcome Paradigm Benefits as an affiliated partner that can help our Trailways companies to navigate the complexities of employee benefits program design, administration and regulatory compliance,” he said.

“Our focus is to serve employers ranging in size from a few hundred to several thousand employees,” explained Gail Manfredo, Paradigm Benefits Vice President-Sales and Marketing. “We analyze, solve problems and proactively manage our clients’ employee benefit programs.”

Manfredo added, “We exist to make the lives of our clients easier by removing the headaches associated with administering their employee benefits programs.” Through its “Benefit Sync” model, Paradigm Benefits consolidates enrollment and billing services, delivering all charges from multiple carriers on a single bill. Benefit Sync also includes an Employee Service Center hotline. Credentialed hotline staffers such as registered health underwriters and certified employee benefit specialists answer employee questions, resolve problems and report results to the client.

“An important characteristic that we share with Trailways is our independence,” Manfredo said. “As an independent firm, we place serving our clients’ best interests as our highest priority. It is our policy not to accept contingency commissions that would compromise objectivity.”


Trailways Transportation System, Inc. (Trailways®), founded in 1936, is composed of 65 independently owned or managed bus and motorcoach companies based throughout North America and parts of Europe. Each company adheres to the highest safety standards as required by the United States Department of Defense (DOD) or its country’s equivalent. Trailways drivers operate a wide variety of more than 12,000 passenger transportation vehicles.

Through the more than 100 companies in its Affiliated Partners Program, Trailways maintains a close working relationship with industry-related suppliers and vendors, as well as other tour and travel service entities. Affiliated Partners are listed on the Trailways portal

Contact: Gail Manfredo, Vice President – Sales & Marketing Paradigm Benefits


Address: 133 Business Park Drive, Utica, NY 13502

Telephone: 315-797-8400, Extension 223 or Toll-free: 888-797-8404


Fax: 315-797-8403



Tech Security Leader Fortress Systems Joins Trailways Affiliated Partner Program

Brings Tech Expertise in Safety, Security as Trailways Affiliated Partner

Fairfax, VA – April 26, 2016—Fortress Systems International (FSI), Inc., a company providing information technology services and solutions to improve safety and security in the transportation industry, has joined the Trailways Transportation System, Inc. (Trailways), as an affiliated partner.  “FSI designs, develops and distributes mobile surveillance solutions that are affordable, easy to use and scalable, in addition to surveillance systems for buildings and residences,” said Frank Bowden, FSI Vice President of Sales.

“Our mobile video security solutions are designed to improve safety and security; to reduce vandalism, liability and litigation due to false claims; to improve response and reaction time to passenger incidents; and for real-time, live monitoring of passengers.

Surebus - Eagle 3Fortress SystemsFSI also offers the SureBus fleet management solution to increase operational efficiency and accountability. Cloud-based on the World Wide Web, SureBus is designed to integrate with a customer’s entire business, from logistics and maintenance to payroll and dispatch. It provides data helpful in reviewing actual performance against safety benchmarks and charting progress.

SureBus includes GPS fleet tracking; real-time monitoring of passengers, drivers and fleet assets; instant notification of key events such as unauthorized vehicle activity; and reports on fleet performance from as few as two to as many as 10,000 vehicles. From anywhere with an Internet connection, a fleet manager can use SureBus for making scheduling decisions such as adding drivers or setting routes.

The SureBus communication features enable the sending of bulk notifications and messages to dispatchers and drivers. These features also allow passengers and designated others – such as parents waiting to pick up their children at a school bus stop – to track a vehicle in real time via a mobile device.

FSI serves the motorcoach, school bus, public transit, paratransit, taxi/limousine, first responder, trucking and law-enforcement markets. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, the company also has an office in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, for its programmers, research and development staff. 

“Fortress Systems has a history of working with small entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions and local and state government agencies, including hundreds of school systems throughout the country,” said Trailways’ Chairman, Ron Moore in welcoming FSI to Team Trailways.

“Our solutions range from a single-camera package with digital recorder to a complete, four-camera setup allowing real-time, live-streaming video with audio, GPS [global positioning system], sensor data and digital recorder. We offer the most scalable mobile surveillance solution in the market.”

To enhance student safety, Fortress Mobile offers an ultra-high-definition, stop arm camera system for school buses. Its 1080-pixel/720-pixel imaging can capture key evidence to identify an offending motorist violating the stop arm.

Information captured by the video and audio recordings, GPS and sensory data in FSI’s surveillance systems can be retrieved, viewed, saved and shared, via Wi-Fi or cellular technology, as either still images or video clips. The system includes a “facial masking” capability to protect the privacy of passengers.

FSI staffers provide service and support for the company’s mobile IT solutions. “We’re a leader in engineering, systems implementation and systems integration as it relates to surveillance and secure mobile wireless communications,” said Bowden. “Our personnel have extensive experience in the wireless transmission of video data and the storage and archiving of digital video data.”

For some of the products in its IT solutions, FSI partners with other technology companies. It is a Microsoft Gold Member, HP Business Partner and Warranty Center, Lexmark Warranty Provider, Brother Repair Center, Milestone Business Partner, Ingram Micro Service Provider, Sharp Partner and Intel Premiere Provider.

“We leverage the best-of-breed network technologies, products, practices and core disciplines,” Bowden said. “FSI is pleased to become an affiliated partner of Trailways.”

Contact:  Frank Bowden, Vice President of Sales, Fortress Systems International

3801 Rose Lake Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217

Telephone: 704-405-5000, Extension 1230

Fax: 704-927-6058






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